Week 3: Where Have I Been?

Of my early 52 Weeks of Me questions, this is by far the one I’m most excited to write about. Traveling is one of my greatest passions and one I love to share with others. Here’s the short-list of where I’ve been: US (about 1/3 of the states) Scotland England France Germany Netherlands Sweden China […]

Call of the Wild

*Originally posted on 12/5/2012 to Honest Adventure I love the rain. I love cold weather and thunderstorms and rainclouds. I love the smell in the air and the crispness of my breath. And I love layering scarves and coats and gloves to stay cozy in the chill air. One blustery Wednesday morning in October, I […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Haggis

*Originally posted on 10/4/2012 to Honest Adventure The Celtic Festival in Grass Valley was the perfect escape this past weekend*. I haven’t talked about it yet, but I absolutely adore Celtic music. I love Scotland. I love Scottish men people. I love the rusticness of a Scottish accent and the lilting brogue of the Irish. […]

Lake Havasu City or Bust!

I live in Chico, a beautiful town in Northern California that is known for the local agriculture, the community, and the university. My dad, step-mom, and little brothers (well, not so little anymore at 16 and 14!), as well as one of my older brothers and his wife, live in Lake Havasu City, AZ – […]

Make Every Day an Adventure

Originally posted 9/22/2012 on Honest Adventure In the middle of the day yesterday, I checked my email to find a Couchsurfing request from a last minute surfer arriving in town. After checking his references, I accepted the request and we began texting to arrange for me to pick him up after I got off work. […]