A Chomp at Life

My life is defined by my passions, as anyone who knows me to any degree is well aware. One of my passions is living my life and telling the world all about it. What it really means is that I’ve wound up creating one new blog after the next to share that love with anyone who will listen while overloading myself with an abundance of topics to write about.

After months of feeling guilty for not updating any of my 3 blogs, I realized what an idiot I had been. So that’s where A Chomp at Life comes in. I’m creating something of a Dinah Saur concentrate to satisfy the world as well as myself.


I love to travel, meet new people, and seek new experiences. More than anything else, I hope someday to quit my job and travel the world for a year. I have it all worked out, but need to take care of a little thing I like to refer to as my “Dumb Debt.” Not to mention the fact that I would love to finish school before I get started. So give it a couple years and, fingers crossed, I’ll be starting in Thailand and working my way west by bus, train, boat, and good old-fashioned walking.

In the meantime, I find adventure whenever and wherever possible.

fun-and-flirtea-about-bannerFun and FlirTea all started with my desire to share my love for tea with others in my generation. Do you know how hard it is to find other people even remotely near my age who give so much as a tiny shit about what tea really is, how it’s made, and why it’s freaking awesome?

So that’s what Fun and FlirTea is all about. Bringing tea to the masses.


Sometimes, we just don’t appreciate the day-to-day. It’s monotonous, predictable, and just plain boring so much of the time. As much as I love to travel and have something of a perpetual need to be on the road, I have worked hard to make a point of finding the adventure, excitement, and sheer joy in everyday life.

I love to share that joy and inspire others to find it in their own lives.


I’m the first to acknowledge that I can’t always be a force for optimism in the world. I want to be, but every optimist requires a pessimistic day to remain balanced. When those days roll around (and heck, even when they don’t), I want to share words of inspiration from beyond my own ken.

Sometimes, you just need a little outside assistance.