Some Exciting News


You may have noticed a distinct lack of consistent posts in the past week or so. I had some post ideas lined up and some plans laid out, but they all were put to the side by exciting life events that I am now at liberty to share.

I have quit my job and accepted a new one. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

To clarify, I am leaving my current workplace of the past 5 years on a positive note and have accepted a new job that brings me more thoroughly into the industry I want to work in (brilliant career move, if I say so myself).


This is a terrifying (and exhilarating) change. I’m leaving the company in which I’ve built the basis for my career and am joining a rather small company in the potentially tenuous industry I’ve chosen to saddle my career. I’m still learning what some of the changes will be and have little to no idea what to expect when moving from a company of nearly 450 employees to one of approximately 10.

It feels a little like I’m jumping out of a plane without knowing if my parachute is in working order, so I’m both nervous and excited to embark on this new journey and to begin the process of gathering even more experience in my field of Social Media Marketing!

So tell me friends and readers… When’s the last time you took a flying leap into something new?



  1. Congrats brave girl! You’re going to be amazing

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