Week 5: Why Do I Write?

As my post about writing, I’ve decided this post will contain no imagery. So enjoy what you read for what it is.

I don’t want to say I write because I’m compelled to, but in a way I am. I also don’t want to say that I write because I want to, but I do.

I write to provide a focused outlet for my creative energy. However, I’ve (almost) never been interested in writing fiction. In my writing, I love observing the world, offering advice, and discussing topics that are of particular interest to me (most notably tea, in my case).

But can’t I channel this energy into something else? And how is it “creative” energy when I’m only writing about reality?

I guess that’s where the real reason I write comes in – I love it and I love the fact that writing about what’s happening in the world around me has the potential to be just as creative as a detailed novel.

When’s the last time you read something non-fiction? When’s the last time you enjoyed it?

What I love about writing non-fiction is making it relate-able. It’s a challenging approach to writing about your everyday life – making it truly interesting and intriguing. Why should anyone care that I enjoy tea? Because I present it in such a way that they understand and can relate to. It’s no accident that individuals with no previous interest in tea suddenly express a curiosity to me.

I take pride in my writing and enjoy learning as I go. I learn how to engage my audience, I learn how to focus my thoughts, and I learn how to bring everything back home in the end.

I suppose today’s post is a bit lackluster in this department. I’ve allowed myself to ramble and officially decided that I won’t properly edit this post. I’m doing this to show just what comes out in a first draft and highlight the importance of editing, revision, and a willingness to accept that sometimes what you’ve written is wrong or poorly worded.

So why do I write? Because I love it.


What are your thoughts?

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