Week 2: What Do I Do?

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I debated whether or not to discuss my job in this post. When it comes down to it, is that really what I doThen I realized how few people understand the work I do and I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to enlighten friends, family, and beyond.

I work as a Social Media marketer for an online retailer based here in Chico. Whenever I mention my job title (Social Media Specialist, by the by), I’m constantly bombarded with such questions as, “So what? You sit around playing on Facebook all day?” If only ’twere so easy, my dear simple-minded friends and acquaintances.

I am a Content Writer

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Obviously, I do a bit of writing. Not just here on my blog, but as a function of my job. Sometimes that means writing copy for use in emails, internal communications, and articles on site. Other times it means creating engaging content to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.

Don’t think that sounds particularly difficult? Try it for a day and let’s compare notes. I’m not trying to really challenge you, per se. I just want to impress upon you that it does take training, practice, and a natural proclivity for words. It’s about understanding who you’re writing for and creating the best possible experience for them while furthering who you are as a brand.

I am a Curator


Social Media Marketing is more than creating content. It’s curating it. Just as a museum curator spends time finding the most beautiful, thought-provoking, outrageous pieces and artists, I seek the very best, most inspiring, most engaging pieces of content from across the internet. Sometimes I get to create that content, but mostly I just know what is available and what my audience wants.

Because that’s what it’s all about – your fan base. I spend countless hours learning what they want and fulfilling those needs. It may sound uninteresting to most people, but I find it fascinating. My job is to step into the minds of others, understand how they view the world, and add some beauty and entertainment to their lives.

I am a Community Builder


If you no one sees what you’re sharing, are you even sharing it? What is Social Media without being social?

You can’t just put your content out into the ether of the interwebs and just assume it will go somewhere. You must cultivate a community of people interested in what you have to say and encourage them to actively engage with you and each other. The first step is finding those people (yay market research and careful planning!) followed by the delicate process of showing them the value you can add to their worlds.

I am an Analyst

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By far, this is the least glamorous part of my job. With a marketing channel as potentially nebulous as Social Media, it becomes even more important to identify key metrics that mean something, set feasible goals, and track your progress. It can be very time consuming to gather the data and even more so to understand what that data is telling us.

And here’s the part that gives me my nerd cred… I love it. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass, but when you put in the time and mental energy, the sheer amount of information and new understanding is mind-blowing and straight up fun. I never thought I’d enjoy analyzing things like this, but I guess we’re all still capable of surprising ourselves, aren’t we?



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