Guest Post – Express Your Individuali-Tea: Teas for Every Mood

From the Editor: I’m excited to introduce the first guest post to A Chomp at Life! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more posts like this on a number of topics in the future, so if you’re interested in writing a guest post, please reach out to me and we’ll chat about the options. And now, without further ado, let’s see what Brenna Ciummo has to say about which teas to drink based on the mood you’re in or looking to get into!


Although all teas come from the same plant, there are a surprising number of types of tea from which to choose (and even more if you add in herbal teas/tisanes and tea blends). Just as there are a variety of teas, there are also a number of ways people choose to drink them. Some tea drinkers find one type of tea they truly enjoy and drink only that brew. Other people have a few favorites they rotate through their tea line-up. While others still are constantly tasting teas and experimenting with new flavors. I fall into the latter camp and am always on the hunt for new teas to try. Through my search, I have found that I tend to drink certain teas depending on how I’m feeling, and that the teas actually enhance or improve my mood.

Here’s what I drink based on how I feel or what mood I’m trying to get into.


Black tea, such as chai (with no milk or cream) or a breakfast blend, is my go-to tea in the morning. Since these teas often have a high amount of caffeine, and a strong, rich flavor, they give me the energy boost I need to start my day.


Something about the bold, zingy flavor of fruit teas give me the extra “creative juice” I need when writing or working on a project. One of my favorites is a blueberry rooibos blend, and I recently discovered that it might not just be the taste that inspires my creative process. According to The Daily Meal, rooibos tisanes (like this one) are “rich in electrolytes and can help rid your mind and body of ‘drag.’”



When I’m feeling calm and just want to relax with a cup of tea, I turn to white teas or jasmine green teas. Typically lighter teas (as they are less processed than black teas), the smoothness of green and white teas and their floral or neutral-grassy flavor makes them easy to sip on. Plus, the smell of jasmine tea alone is divine.


Nothing helps reduce cold and flu symptoms like a cup of ginger or lemon herbal tea (or even a pu-erh ginger blend). Not only is drinking a steady stream of fluids good for you when you’re sick (it keeps you and hydrated and helps flush out the cold virus by thinning and loosening mucus) but ginger and lemon have been found to contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, as well as other nutrients that help boost your immune system. Usually I like my tea unadorned, but sometimes I add a bit of honey to it when I have a cold, as it coats your throat and helps suppress coughs.

Stomach Ache

The soothing properties of peppermint and spearmint tisanes make them an excellent choice for calming an upset stomach. As the Examiner explains, “[mint tea] relaxes the stomach muscles, combats gas and stimulates the secretion of digestive juices.” This translates into a more efficient digestive process and a healthy (and happy) stomach. Mint teas can also help relieve the full, “oh my gosh I just ate too much,” feeling after a heavy meal.



If I’m feeling sleepy or a bout of insomnia strikes, I brew up valerian or chamomile tea. Both teas have long been thought to have a relaxing effect, and are often used in “sleepy time” herbal tea blends. While the official jury is still out on whether these teas actually treat insomnia, they definitely do the trick for me and knock me out.

Generally, I end up indulging in several cups of tea through out the day, as my mood fluctuates from perked up to sleepy. Interestingly, the weather also influences what types of teas I drink. I usually prefer white teas, fruity tisanes or iced teas when it’s hot, green teas when the weather is grey or drizzly and richer teas like spiced chai with milk when it is frigid outside.

Do you drink different teas for different moods or types of weather? Which ones do you pair up?

About the Author: Brenna Ciummo is a writer for Seattle Coffee Gear and enjoys sharing her knowledge of all things coffee and tea. An avid tea drinker, she is always on the hunt for new teas to sample.

Find more fun video reviews of Rishi Tea from Seattle Coffee Gear right here.

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  1. […] Guest Post – Express Your Individuali-Tea: Teas for Every Mood […]

  2. […] Guest Post – Express Your Individuali-Tea: Teas for Every Mood […]

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