52 Weeks of Me


It’s the first day of the new year and everything’s the same.

I’m not one for setting New Year’s Resolutions or opting to make major life changes because of an arbitrary date. This year, however, I’ve been inspired.

An acquaintance of mine just completed an amazing project throughout the year of 2013 she called 52 Weeks to Gratefully Create. Here’s what Megan’s project was all about:

2013 is a fresh opportunity not to be missed. By taking it in small doses, week by week, I hope to keep myself connected to both my larger goals and the smaller moments by being more present and building on my passions piece by piece… without pressure, without perfection, just raw and with the risk of failure, creating something new every week for the whole year. That’s the plan.

I love this idea, what Megan did, and her determination and dedication to see it through from start to finish. While I’m not much of a project-based creator, I want to use it as inspiration to do something to make my 2014 a year to be reckoned with.

Live Life to the FullestSource

That’s why I’m creating the 52 Weeks of Me. Each week, I’ve created predetermined prompts to write a brand new post each week. Each weekly post can be uploaded any time during the week, but must be completed and uploaded before the week is out.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join me in this year of personal exploration. Find the weekly topics here and feel free to comment at me with links to your own blogs! Can’t wait to get started!



  1. Good luck, it sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

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