Lake Havasu City or Bust!

I live in Chico, a beautiful town in Northern California that is known for the local agriculture, the community, and the university.

My dad, step-mom, and little brothers (well, not so little anymore at 16 and 14!), as well as one of my older brothers and his wife, live in Lake Havasu City, AZ – a 12 hour drive away.


It’s do-able for a weekend trip with one day off for drive time, but it’s not pleasant. Especially when your car is a piece of crap and doesn’t have air conditioning like mine.

My dad had some flight vouchers and wanted me to come down for a visit to see my 16 year-old brother in his play and to visit during Father’s Day weekend. How could I turn down a free flight to visit family?


I​n my three days in the balmy 105 degree weather, I watched my 14 year-old brother play baseball, swam in the pool, watched my 16 year-old brother play the Cat in the Hat in Seussical the Musical, enjoyed meals at Chili’s (where my brother is a manager), played disc golf in the Hualapai’s, enjoyed​ local brews, and went paddle boarding on the lake.

More than anything else, I had a chance to get to know my little brothers better as the teenagers (and almost tiny adults) that they’re becoming. What could possibly be more awesome than that?

A busy trip, but well worth every second!








  1. Aww, your family is so cute!! (Also, a Dr Suess musical?!? Fab.)

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks, Celeste! And yes, a Dr. Seuss musical! It’s a wonderful, fun show that I think you would love. Maybe if you found it anywhere remotely near you, you could take your nephew on an auntie date!

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