Make Every Day an Adventure


Originally posted 9/22/2012 on Honest Adventure

In the middle of the day yesterday, I checked my email to find a Couchsurfing request from a last minute surfer arriving in town. After checking his references, I accepted the request and we began texting to arrange for me to pick him up after I got off work.

When I showed Glenn around my apartment, he stopped at the “Every Day Is An Adventure” piece, smiled, and asked me how I made today an adventure. Boy was I caught off guard!

Why have I never thought to ask myself, at the end of the day, “So, Dinah, old gal… how did you make today an adventure?”

Recently, I would say I’ve failed in my task much of the time (with occasional exceptions). This is why I need to re-focus my mindset and remember to read the words on my wall every day and act on them.

How have you made today an adventure?



  1. Christie says:

    Good point! I like this idea. Today I went on an adventure with my mommy and found a couple pretty dresses and got her some shoes and a swimming suit for a trip she’s taking. Now my mom, boyfriend, and I are going on a Game of Thrones finale-watching adventure. Two-for-one adventures today πŸ˜‰

  2. You seem to have a huge amount of twitter accounts too πŸ™‚ Having all your posts in one place should make it easier to keep track. I really need to write a new blog too.

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