Week 12: When Did I First Consider Myself an “Adult”?

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Full Disclosure: This photo was taken prior to any of the experiences described in this post.

This is an interesting question, because I’ve had a couple times in my life when I considered myself an adult.

The first time I felt like a grown-ass adult, I was 21 years old, recently returned from 4 months living in Scotland (and a bit of travelling the Continent while there), and landed my first full-time job with full benefits. I remember feeling like earning my own health insurance and getting a 401(k) started was the turning point.

I continued going out with friends regularly, travelling to events when I could, and generally not being as responsible as I probably could (and should) have been. To be fair, that didn’t make me any less of an adult at that time. I paid for everything in my lifestyle with the money I earned at my job. I even managed to buy my first (piece of crap) car. Heck, it’s the same car I have to this day.

I even had a plan for what I wanted to do with my life – work as a Copywriter.


But as the years passed and I finally worked my way up through the company to do the work I wanted, I started realizing that I wanted something more and something different. I had at last stumbled upon Social Media Marketing and realized that was the work I wanted to continue doing. But something still felt off.

I hadn’t found myself. I was still learning who I was and what made me happy. And, as much as it absolutely sucked to say it to myself, I began to believe that I would just end up alone. I was just old enough to feel the biological clock ticking and there was no one in sight. I started making plans to purchase or build a “tiny home” and pay my mom and step-dad to let me set it up on their property, a short ways from their house.


Here’s the part of the story where it gets sappy, so I’ll keep it brief. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but we’ve begun making plans for the upcoming years. We’ll be living together shortly and know where we want to live about 2 years down the line and even further out. The rest, we’ve discussed, will come as it does, when it does.

Am I an “adult” yet? I’m just shy of 27 years old, I work full-time in an industry I love, and I feel like my life is grounded with a partner. Honestly, I expected to answer in the negative at this point, but now… maybe I really have reached that point.

Week 11: Which Jane Austen Character Do I Most Relate To?

love Jane Austen. And, in light of this announcement, I have a confession to make. I haven’t read every Jane Austen book yet.

I know, I know… What kind of fan must I be to not have read all her novels? Especially considering the fact that there aren’t many (and it’s not like she’s going to write any more). But to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care what people think of me in this regard. I’ve read Pride & Prejudice probably 5 times; Emma twice; and Mansfield Park, Sense & Sensibility, and Persuasion once each.


In the past couple of years, Jane Austen has managed to come back into vogue as a direct result of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – thanks to Hank Green, Bernie Su, and (the new) Pemberley Digital. They’ve since created 2 spin-offs based on other Jane Austen works (including Sanditon, a novel she never finished because, well, she died). Emma Approved is running now, based on the novel Emma. Honestly, I don’t really care for the spin-offs/additional series, but that’s neither here nor there. What I do love is the fact that it’s encouraging today’s youth to slog through what, today, is generally considered very dense literature.

But that’s not what I’m here to discuss! I’m here to talk about which Jane Austen character I feel most connected with.


That’s actually a relatively easy one for me to answer – Fanny Price from Mansfield Park.

She smart and insightful, dedicated to a moral lifestyle – but shy and uncertain. I don’t necessarily believe in the same exact morals as she does, but I hold to my moral code just as she does. I love to learn and feel like I have a good sense for people.

As much as people consider me a social butterfly, I have always been shy inside. I constantly doubt myself and periodically question the motives of those around me. Not because I distrust them, but because I’ve trusted the wrong people in the past. Despite this, I am still inclined to trust people quickly.


Fanny is unwilling to compromise her beliefs or speak untruths, and I do my best to stand true to my beliefs and to speak my mind, whatever my beliefs or thoughts may be. But I also do my best to avoid actively hurting others with my words. It’s one thing to speak your mind and another to purposefully hurt someone.

In the end, Fanny fights for what she believes in and for what she wants. It takes her a while to figure out what that is, and that’s a major reason I feel a connection with her character. It took me a long time to find my path in life. Heck, I’m still finding it. But I’ve continued to discover what I want and to pursue those dreams.

Now I’m curious… which Jane Austen characters do you identify with?

Week 10: What is My Earliest Memory?

I’m the first to admit my memory isn’t the best. In fact, I have very few memories from childhood that are anything other than extremely vague. For that matter, I have very few memories from childhood that are extremely vague. However, for quite some time, I’ve had this idea that I remembered the San Francisco earthquake […]

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Week 9: Where Do I Call Home?

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What Do You Do in Times of Adversity?

For those unfamiliar, I’ve been a member of an amazing Harry Potter fan community called Wizard Rock since late 2005, early 2006. I wasn’t actively involved until late 2007, but that’s neither here nor there. Wizard Rock (or Wrock) is music about Harry Potter. It doesn’t have to be “rock” music, and in fact spans just […]

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Bear With Me

Greetings friends and readers! I wanted to give you a quick update as to where I’m at right now. I’m in the process of moving my site to self-hosting and want to make sure everything is set up correctly before the final move happens. It’s taking a little longer than I anticipated, but will be […]

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In Defense of Alcohol

Source Fess up. What dumb shit have you done? Drunk or sober!

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Tea and Happy Things

Image by Hallie Blackwell

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Week 8: What Do I Love About Myself?

The trick of making this question part of the 52 Weeks of Me is forcing myself to acknowledge what I do well in a public forum. Generally speaking, I always feel like I must appear super conceited when I talk about what I do well and what I love about being me. But not today! Today, […]

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Your Dreams are Your Own


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